No matter the occasion, this Stromberg Tower Speaker has it all. Perfect to enjoy in groups thanks to its power and clarity. It is part of the line of Stromberg speaker tower products and is the most powerful product on the entire line!

It is a Tower that sounds good indoors as well as outdoors by being able to adjust the bass, mids and treble to your liking. It is made up of two 10-inch and two 3-inch woofer speakers that together offer 140w real RMS power. It has a 220v connection exclusively to offer high performance, a double 6.5mm input for microphone and guitar, and a 3.5mm input for a cell phone.

The DeepBass® technology developed for this product line creates incredible, clear bass. Leaving room for powerful highs and mids, adjust them however you want with its digital equalizer. It is a key addition to a Tower of this type.

It also has a set of audio-rhythmic LED lights to add a touch of color to your parties. In addition, it brings TWS technology to connect with another Stromberg DJ-6004 or with a DJ-4004 or a DJ-5004.

140W true RMS
220V connection only
Bluetooth connection
Auxiliary input 3.5mm and 6.5mm
Audio rhythmic LED lights
2 10″ Woofer Speakers
2 3″ Tweeter Speakers
Bluetooth TWS
Bass and treble control
Integrated equalizer
Input for microphone and guitar
Wheels and telescopic handle

Height: 99.5cm

Depth: 27,5cm

Width: 31.5cm