We are Stromberg, an American brand with more than 120 years of existence. We are the music that is part of your life and the avant-garde design that you were waiting for. On this occasion, we want to introduce you to the Stromberg RD-7818 portable radio. Part of a new category of high-quality products backed by our decades of experience in developing music serving technology.

Modern yet friendly, the new RD-7818 digital radio features a powerful dynamic speaker so you can listen to your favorite radio shows. A digital display that includes the clock function and the alarm function.

This radio tunes AM and FM stations in stereo mode thanks to its telescopic antenna and also has a headphone output. In addition, it has an essential feature: dual 220v connection and AAA batteries. Its measurements of 14cm high, 7.5cm deep and 23cm wide allow it to be transportable and adaptable. In this way, you can take it with you wherever you go without worrying about an electrical connection or its size.

Dual radio 220V / AAA batteries
AM/FM stereo radio
Headphone output
Telescopic antenna
Display digital
Clock function
Alarm function

Height: 14cm

Depth: 7,5cm

Width: 23cm