Stereo for Stromberg car speakers. The perfect combo for your car. All the ways to play music, on your car stereo at high quality. If you're looking for where to buy a car stereo, look no further. Within our store we have a variety of models so you can choose the one that best suits what you need. The SC-7001 model comes bundled with two 6.5-inch speakers so you can take the party wherever you go. It also has 2 6.5-inch diameter woofers. These speakers offer a power of 4 × 25 watts RMS. Enough so you can enjoy your favorite music at great power while maintaining clarity. The Stromberg car stereo is Bluetooth, has a detachable front, USB input, microSD input and auxiliary input. In this way you can connect any type of device you can think of. Supports MP3, MP4 and WMA formats. It has an LED display where you can make the necessary settings. In any case, it comes with a series of factory equalizations so that you can experience the best combinations.

Detachable front
Radio FM/AM
USB port
Read microSD
Auxiliary input
Power 4x25W RMS
Supported formats: MP3, MP4 and WMA
Preset EQs
Universal Input – 2 RCA – Stereo
2 woofer de 6,5”